If you are sleeping rough, homeless or at risk of homelessness and want to apply for funds to help you, get in touch with one of our partner organisations who will work with you to apply:

Want to become a Partner?

If your organisation provides support to people who are homeless in Guildford Borough – and you would like to become an approved Real Change partner, please get in touch.

Email: info@realchangeguildford.co.uk

Fund Application Form

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Select the name of the organisation or voluntary group you are connected to. Only registered partners are able to access the fund.

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About the recipient

This section helps us to understand the impact the Real Change fund is having, and will not be used to determine whether the grant is approved

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We appreciate your help in making the Real Change fund help as many people as possible by finding the cheapest possible price for the item you are requesting.

Please include in your answer: - What are their current support needs? - What has led to their current situation?

Please include in your answer: - The reason for the spend - how this will impact on the recipient's experience of homelessness This is what the decision to approve the grant will be made on, so the better the information provided here the more likely the application will be processed promptly.

Please include in your answer: Are there any identified ongoing support needs and how will these be met? What agency involvement is there/will there be?


Other ways you can help

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